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Skinvisible Licensee Increases US Sales for Women's Health Product Made with Invisicare

ProCort® Distribution Expands to Puerto Rico

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. April 12, 2012 - Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SKVI:OTCBB & OTCQB) is pleased to announce that its licensee, Women's Choice Pharmaceuticals LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Gilbert, Arizona, has partnered with Advanced Medical Enterprises, LLC (AME Inc.) to market ProCort® in Puerto Rico. ProCort® is a topical prescription treatment for hemorrhoids formulated with Skinvisible's patented polymer delivery system Invisicare® and a combination of hydrocortisone acetate and pramoxine hydrochloride.

In July 2011, Women's Choice Pharmaceuticals was granted the exclusive rights to commercialize Skinvisible's product within the United States. Women's Choice Pharmaceuticals' new partnership with AME inc. will increase the sales efforts for ProCort effective immediately. AME Inc. specializes in the face-to-face marketing and promotion of prescription drugs, dietary supplements and over the counter products specifically designed to address women health issues and conditions. Skinvisible will continue to receive on-going royalties based on all product sales.

"With over 3.7 million people living in Puerto Rico, this expanded coverage is a great opportunity for an increase in ProCort® sales and Skinvisible royalties," said Mr. Terry Howlett, President and CEO. "Sales of ProCort® continues to increase each quarter since its launch in July of last year. With a million new cases of hemorrhoids diagnosed each year along with other potential partnerships in discussion, Women's Choice expects their sales to continue to escalate."

Women's Choice Pharmaceuticals is an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company whose primary focus is to provide high quality prescription products to healthcare providers in the United States. Their nationwide sales team targets more than 30,000 OB/GYNS and selected other medical specialties. Their managed markets division will target PBM's, HMO, GPO, CMS and other managed care organizations ensuring their products are covered under drug benefit plans. (

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