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Skinvisible’s DermSafe Hand Sanitizer Recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer with Invisicare Receives Dermatologists’ Seal of Approval

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. October 12, 2011 - Skinvisible, Inc. (SKVI: OTCQB & OTCBB) is pleased to announce that its DermSafe® Hand Sanitizing Lotion has received the "Seal of Approval" from the Dermatology Review Panel™ ("DRP"). DRP is an independent panel of dermatologists that reviews scientific data for non-prescription products in order to authenticate a product's claims.

DRP DRP dermatologists evaluated Skinvisible's scientific data and validated the following claims for DermSafe Hand Sanitizer: DermSafe is alcohol-free, it offers protection from harmful bacteria, it resists wash-off and it provides a moisture barrier for the hands. DermSafe, marketed by Alto Pharmaceuticals in Canada, will soon display the DRP Seal on its promotional materials and packaging.

Claims made by over-the-counter products can be confusing to the consumer so the DRP program was formed to provide an arms-length review of a product's scientific data in support of its claims. The DRP Seal of Approval helps consumers and medical professionals easily identify products that meet the panel's approval standards. The Dermatology Review Panel is comprised of key dermatologists from across Canada. These physicians were selected based on their expertise in skin care, geographical diversity and dedication to the mission of this program. See

"With the flu season upon us, it is important that consumers have independent information regarding products offering protection from germs," said Dr. Richard Thomas, dermatologist on the Dermatology Review Panel. "DermSafe Hand Sanitizer is a product that has successfully completed a vigorous scientific review and has earned the DRP endorsement by an independent panel of dermatologists."

"We are pleased that our DermSafe Hand Sanitizer has been recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel," said Mr. Terry Howlett, President and CEO of Skinvisible. "We have invested substantially into research and studies to ensure that we have compelling scientific data to support DermSafe's claims." He added, "We expect that other Skinvisible products formulated with the Invisicare technology will also receive this impressive distinction in the near future."

About Alto Pharmaceuticals

Alto Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of unique products for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving quality of life. Alto's areas of interest include Dermatology and Skin Care, Infectious Disease and Wound Care, and the company is dedicated to bringing physicians, patients and consumers unique pharmaceutical products and devices.

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