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Skinvisible - Polymer Delivery System

The Ultimate Polymer Delivery System.


Invisicare is a technology for topical and transdermal products which binds ingredients to the skin and enhances their delivery to and through the skin. The key to Skinvisible's patented Invisicare family of polymer delivery vehicles is its formula and process for combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers into stable complexes in water emulsions. Learn more about Invisicare at

When applied to the skin, the polymers gradually release the active ingredients in a controlled manner onto the skin to treat the condition. If the condition requires the active ingredient to be absorbed through the skin in a transdermal manner., then allowing them to penetrate through the dermal layers and into the systemic circulation. The transdermal route avoids first-pass metabolism in the liver, potentially improving bioavailability compared to oral administration. This transdermal delivery via Invisicare can offer several advantages over conventional oral or injection methods. It provides a non-invasive and sustained release of drugs, minimizing peaks and valleys in blood levels. Patients can avoid the need for injections and have improved compliance with medication regimens.

Life Cycle Management: A pharmaceutical company plans for the long-term profitability of its products by maximizing the life of their product's patent, developing strategies to combat generics and by introducing product line extensions. This product life cycle management often includes looking for a new delivery system as a potential solution. Invisicare can be a key component to extend the lifecycle of a patent-protected product. A product that has been reformulated with Invisicare, allows for a new patent submission as well it allows companies to sell their revitalized product with new benefits, giving them a new story to help combat competitors and generics. Learn more about Skinvisible's patents.

Benefits of Invisicare

Products incorporating Invisicare have the following benefits:
  • Independent studies have proven that Invisicare holds active ingredients on the skin for up to four hours or more and resists wash off and rub off;
  • Invisicare enhanced delivery results in improved efficacy, longer duration of action, reduced irritation and lower dosage of active agent required;
  • Skinvisible's formulations are non-drying as they do not contain alcohol, silicones, waxes, or other organic solvents;
  • Invisicare provides the ability to control the release of active ingredients - depending on whether a fast or slow delivery is desired;
  • Products are non-occlusive, forming a protective barrier which still allows for normal skin respiration and perspiration;
  • Invisicare formulations wear off as part of the natural exfoliation process of the skin's outer layer cells.
(Note: These are not approved claims in Canada)

Research & Development

The Company conducts in-house research, development and testing of its Invisicare polymer delivery vehicles, and the products formulated with Invisicare. In addition, where appropriate for validation and independent verification of marketing claims, it utilizes FDA registered independent laboratories with extensive qualifications for carrying out investigative product studies, utilizing protocols incorporating Good Lab Practice and Good Clinical Practice ("GLP/GCP") standards. See some of the test results.

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